Us @ We Theory

     We Theory is a music/video curation project est. in 2012 by a grade school teacher (Prof. Rob) and a physician/engineer (Dr. Victor). The goal: to archive, share and DJ all genres and time periods, largely from the early to mid-20th century (i.e. World, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Nostalgic Americana) up to today (i.e. Pop, Indie/Alt-Rock, Electronic Music, Hip Hop and R&B).

The name suggests that the approach is collaborative; "We Theory" adapts to fit moods and themes by combining an eclectic mix of new hits and hidden gems.

Our USB "Cassette Tapes"

Grab a retro USB Cassette Tape for yourself or as a great gift. Even customize the artwork and text for added nostalgia. Available for purchase at (Starting at $15)

Watch and Listen

New Music Friday 2016

A sample of the music that we found and liked in 2016.

This is 'Tis the Season

Holiday Vibes! Listen on Spotify and Watch on YouTube.